• Post time: Jan-02-2020

    The strength, durability and aesthetics of plywood has made it popular for use in construction, furniture-making and even in the shipbuilding industry. The fact that it’s easy to work with is a plus. But how is plywood made? Read on and find out the basic steps in the plywood manufacturing proces...Bala feta »

  • Post time: Dec-23-2019

    The clear water formwork manufacturer has enough bearing capacity and stability, and can bear all kinds of loads in various situations during construction. This is some of its characteristics. When using, it should be used correctly according to these characteristics. The wall formwork can be man...Bala feta »

  • Post nako: Oct-17-2019

    Mekhoa e Tloaelehileng difeme ya plywood ke lintho tse tloaelehileng ke omileng mocheso mokhoa, ke hore, ka mor'a ommeng le 'ngoe barbotage boto, kenya mochine chesang lamellar ka plywood. Le thulaganyo ya sehlooho kenyeletsa kutu dashand le mane sefapanong, ha o ile a bona, karolo lehong mocheso kalafo, lehong karolo setsi fixation le ho ohla ho itšeha, ba se nang balekane Boa ... Bala feta »

  • Post nako: Sep-18-2019

    The film faced plywood is made of wooden veneer, glue and film. First of all, The core is made from thin sheets of wood veneer. These are stacked together with the grain direction of the ply differing from its neighbours’ by 90º (cross banding), assemblying the wooden ve...Bala feta »

  • Post nako: Sep-18-2019

     Film faced plywood is an exterior  plywood used in building and construction projects.  It has a special film coating on its surface made from phenol or melamine on either or both sides which gives the plywood a higher resistance to moisture, abrasion, chemical degradat...Bala feta »