Film Faced Plywood Using Knowledge

The clear water formwork manufacturer has enough bearing capacity and stability, and can bear all kinds of loads in various situations during construction. This is some of its characteristics. When using, it should be used correctly according to these characteristics. The wall formwork can be manufactured by medium-sized combined clear water formwork manufacturers.

Because the requirements of the same type of high-rise buildings are unified, it helps to ensure a high turnover rate. The manufacturer of floor clear water formwork suggests to use the whole multi-layer board, try to use the 15-18mm thick multi-layer clear water formwork manufacturer with phenolic coating. The manufacturer of this kind of clear water formwork will be damaged after being used for many times, so it is necessary to cut it in time to ensure that the edge of the multi-layer board is flat.


The wholesale products of clear water formwork manufacturers are simple in structure, easy to install and disassemble, flexible in use, and can improve efficiency and speed up work, so they are very popular.


For the building construction of beam column structure, the medium-sized composite clear water formwork manufacturer should be used. Because the cross section of beam and column changes a lot, it is not suitable to use multi-layer plate cutting, so it will be more suitable.


Post time: Dec-23-2019